Mash-up, Interview, and The Story of Amy

Read the Mary Sue’s interview with Matt Smith here. I think it perfectly encapsulates why he is my favorite Doctor.

A Firefly mash-up, of The TARDIS Job (i.e. The Train Job episode), it’s amazing.  View the Art of Jon Sumrow here on his tumblr, he’s pretty nerdy. I think you may like it. [via]

A raptastic video of Doctor Who vs. Doc Brown. You heard me right. Thanks to  wrylab for the tip.

This heart breaking video is The Story of Amy in a few clips and some grand music. I miss Doctor Who. Le sigh.

9 thoughts on “Mash-up, Interview, and The Story of Amy

  1. I loved the interview. I think you’re right about it making me love Matt Smith so much more! He had some really awesome actions.

    I definitely hope I get to see a female Doctor Who. I think it would be an interesting idea.

    Nawww, the Amelia pond video was so soppy and sad. Makes me miss Doctor Who too. I want it back, NOW!

  2. I thought the rap battle was very funny, although dreadful British accent for David Tennant. I am a bit confused about the use of the word “Piccadilly” as any slang reference I can find doesn’t make any sense!

    • My googling of Piccadilly and Doctor Who netted this result:

      Answer 1: Piccadilly Station is one of the most famous train stations in England, and is a local euphemism for penis

      Answer 2: In fact ‘piccalilli’ — a type of pickle made with mustard — is in fact cockney rhyming slang for willy

      Answer 3: Obviously this is innuendo referring to him receiving fellatio type services from Doc Brown, but the word “Piccadilly” also holds weight in the Doctor Who universe since a number of Doctor Who reference books were published in the UK by Piccadilly Press


      I was able the verify the last statement, if a TARDIS wiki is verification of anythings. 😉

      • That’s quite something. I have never heard Piccadilly used as slang for anything. Piccalilli is something bright yellow (I think) that my grandmother used to eat, but can’t say I’ve ever had it. I think I may go out and buy some to see.

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