Nodds & Nends: Melissa McCarthy, The Princess Bride, and Harry Trotter

Check out this illustration of the Princess Bride characters as mini mees. I ❤ them. [via The Mary Sue]

My new favorite author Maggie Stiefvater has her list of 5 young adult novels the she’ll never outgrow. Honestly, they all look wonderful and I really can’t believe I haven’t read any of them. What is the world coming to?

Harry Trotter, i.e. a horse dressed up as Harry Potter. Not kidding. Way awesome. [via Pinterest]

From the director of Bridesmaids, comes a cop buddy movie staring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. The official trailer for The Heat is below, which I recommend you watch, but then head over here to watch the Red Band trailer which includes all the swear words and inappropriate comments so you can laugh some more. I think I may have to own this movie just for the scene where they flip over the chain link fence. Actually, no, for the  spanx moment, purely for that. Excuse me while I go and watch this for the third time.

6 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: Melissa McCarthy, The Princess Bride, and Harry Trotter

  1. I didn’t know you were a Stiefvater fan! I love her books, especially Lament, Ballad, Shiver series! I was surprised to read she isn’t a fantasy fan considering her books include so much ‘magic’ in them!

    • Yes, I was quite taken with The Scorpio Races and I have a review of Raven Boys in the works. I also listened to her Shiver series via eaudio and plan on reviewing those soon. I’m currently reading Lament, which is good, but I still think The Scorpio Races was her best book. I wish I could write reviews as fast as I read books! LOL

      • Ooooh. I envy you! Just a warning, Raven Boys is part of a series and I almost wish I had waited until all three were published because UGH! I wanted to read the second one right away. Maybe read it first and then satisfy your craving with Scorpio Races?

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