Nodds & Nends: Baring Skin, Gender Bender, and Fairy Tale Inspired Shoes

Does baring skin mean you’re stupid? A psychological look at the reasons calling women fake geek girls is hurtful. This is a really well written piece and goes into many of the side issues that don’t get talked about often. Things I’ve been pointing out on the internets and in real life for a while, just said much more well (I can’t help myself).

Some cool Gender Bender stuff that I’ve found. The first one is Jennifer Lawrence as Thor. Though I agree with The Mary Sue, not sure why they bared her midriff.  Seems like prime stabbing space now.

If  you’re a writer, cut the bullshit and say you are. An interesting and encouraging piece by Daniel Dalton on claiming what you are.

Speaking of writing and books, I stumbled onto this image of how one person views libraries.  Not as a bunch of dusty books with the library Dewey decimal tag on them, but a world full of wonder. My favorite place downtown is the library. It’s massive and magical.

Check out these shoes (and by shoes she means impossibly high heels that I would never be able to wear even if I do think they are pretty awesome) that have been inspired by Disney’s representation of fairy tales and stories. [via Picture Me Reading]

Finally, Carol Burnett does a Star Trek Gender Bender sketch. While I personally think it plays a little too much into stereotype gender roles to get laughs, it’s a unique and funny sketch. [via The Mary Sue]

6 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: Baring Skin, Gender Bender, and Fairy Tale Inspired Shoes

  1. I am a writer. I think I can say that as I literally gave up my job to focus on writing and sit in coffee shops writing. However, I never describe myself as that as, until I have any success as judged by other people (and there’s money involved!), I think it’d pretentious of me to do so. That’s why I describe myself as a failed scientist and a failing writer…

    • LOL I think it’s awesome that you are focusing on your writing. I think most people don’t label themselves as something until they are making money at it. But, there is also something to be said for owning what you want to be, and seeing it come true.

      • I’m terrified to call myself a writer, too…even though it’s how I make my living! Even after a bunch of short fiction publications, I was like, hmm…I’ll call myself a real writer when I get an agent. And now it’s like, hmm…I’ll call myself a real write when I get a book deal. Ah, shifting goal posts. 🙂

    • That is such a good point! I agree. And artistry comes in many forms. People always ask me if I’m an artist like my mother…. Well, I don’t sculpt, but I do create. Hence the dragon socks I made for my niece.

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