The Wanted

Wanted was a pretty bad movie. It had some great actors in it, and Morgan Freeman swore, but other than that the movie was a bit of a flop. I love James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie is pretty, but she pretty much told all the stupid people that they would be able to curve bullets if she stood in front of a dead cow for them. Actually with that caveat, the arc of a bullet might just curve. I know plenty of straight women who would curve for her. But in the realz life bullets fly straight. So, it wasn’t even that fun of a movie because I sat there the entire time thinking about people who were going to believe that someone can put a car into a donut spin and a hot guy would glide into their car as they drove off and other nonsense. And I wasn’t wrong.

Recently, I’ve noticed though that a lot of people keep referencing the movie as something that they like or find as a guilty pleasure. I really don’t understand this at all. I mean, even as far as bad guilty pleasure movies go, I wouldn’t even put Wanted in that category. But there it is, popping up everywhere and I just am so confused by everyone’s reference to such a poorly made movie four years later.


Fast forward to New Years Eve, I’m sitting at the table at my friend Keith’s house talking and getting ready to play games. Keith’s sister is fiddling with the music and it’s rather loud considering that I’m one of the early birds and there is only four of us in their tiny two bedroom condo. The cats are already hiding, usually they scurry under the couches when people arrive, but to be fair it’s possible it sounded like there were more people then there really was because the music was constantly changing genres and volume.

I’m setting up the cards to play Chaos, a new game my friend came across at a party store and which we all played for the first time on my birthday. Basically it’s Uno on crack. The rule is to lay down all the cards in your hands, numbered 1 through 10 and in four different colors. You can either play the color or the number. Uno, right? But they’ve added these Rule cards. The Rule cards say things like, whenever you lay down a number 8 you have to draw a figure 8 in the air. Or whenever you hand out a penalty card you have to wish the person a nice day. There is one Rule card in the middle of the table next to the Uno cards and everyone knows and has to obey that rule. But additionally every person has a Rule card in their hands and they are the enforcer of that rule card, which no one else knows. Basically you have to remember to enforce your own rule while figuring out other people’s rules so you don’t get a penalty card. Then someone lays a Chaos card (like a Wild) and all the rules change.

It’s a fun game but as I explain the game to Keith’s sister her eyes glaze over and ignoring my explanation she turns to Keith and asks him what band is currently playing. I iat back in my chair with a shrug. Some games are easier to play then they are to explain. Keith looks over at her and says, “The Wanted.”

I sit up. “Wait.” I interrupt. “The Wanted is a band name too?”

“Too?” He asks.

“Yah, are they named after the movie?” I ask.

“Um, that’s ‘Wanted’ the music group is ‘The Wanted.'”

I sit back in my chair again, “That explains soooo many things.”

Edit: After watching their music video I have two additional comments. 1) No wonder they are guilty pleasure. Wowza. Hawt. 2) Why would some girl be writhing sexually against a wall after being kidnapped. Yah, no. Not hot.


8 thoughts on “The Wanted

  1. Yes very bad movie. Even with good actors if the plot is all gumph then there’s no saving you. I saw the dodgy cgi on the trailer and would’t watch it until it came on TV.

  2. You had not heard of The Wanted? I’ve seen them live… I’m less into their music now, but still a pretty awesome boy band! haha.

    Well, crushed all hopes for me watching Wanted. I have it recorded somewhere to watch. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up, I may watch it and see what I think…

    • You know I don’t even remember the plot either. It wasn’t very memorable. I do remember thinking, James McAvoy as an underdog character didn’t really seem realistic to me. That’s all I remember of any substance of the story. LOL

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