The 10 Theories of Oswin and the TARDIS

Somehow I stumbled on this great article which goes into the top 10 ten theories of Oswin, her origins, and the role she will be playing on Doctor Who. There is an impressive amount of thought behind each theory and I probably need to read it again.

I also discovered this lovely TARDIS tote bag on Pinterest. I like the color blocking and the mixture of patterns. It also looks very durable, and $80 isn’t too bad for a custom made durable tote bag. Add this TARDIS ring and you will look real nifty as you carry the tote bag around. It’s only about $20 with shipping and handling. Or you could skip both of these and and make a DIY TARDIS dress with these instructions.

Below is a photo of when the TARDIS visited Wrenbury. Title: The Tardis Lands at the Corner by The Grange. It is an entry in the 2007 Wrenbury Scarecrow Trail. Some people have all the luck.

cc Espresso Addict via Wikimedia Commons

cc Espresso Addict via Wikimedia Commons

8 thoughts on “The 10 Theories of Oswin and the TARDIS

  1. I hide from your theories. I’ve also seen Doctor Who make appearances at the annual Wray Scarecrow festival where all the locals make their own themed scarecrows and put them on display. I don’t seem to be able to find the pictures now though.

    • I hide from my theories all the time. I try to hide from my thoughts, but they follow me around and even climb into bed with me. It can be exhausting. 😉

      The Wray Scarecrow festival sounds really cool. And I thought it was awesome my library has two shelves devoted to Doctor Who with the old timey logo printed up, laminated, and stuck to the shelves to distinguish them.

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