Book Review: Iced


It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Karen Marie Moning‘s Fever series. The Fever series is the story of Mac, a southern belle blond bombshell who goes to Ireland to figure out why her sister died and ends up involved in a war between the Seelie and Unseelie that is leaking into our world. Mac goes from sunning at her parent’s poolside to fighting Shades and all manner of monsters. During her journey to self discovery and becoming a complete bad ass she meets Dani “Mega” O’Malley who is blessed with the gift of super speed. Dani can run so fast she blurs past people.  She fights by Mac’s side throughout the series until the two have a falling out. Now Mac wants Dani dead. While Mac’s story arc mostly ends with Shadowfever (read my review here), Dani’s story continues in Iced.

It’s after the wall falls and all Fae, Seelie and Unseelie, plus all manner of creatures have entered and taken over the world. Much of Dublin’s population has fallen prey to the Shades that haunt the shadow and leave only paper husk of human behind. Dani is still basically just a kid, but she has been given adult responsibilities because of her abilities and the fact that she holds one of the weapons that can kill the fae. Now moments in time are being frosted over, by some sort of fae frost. One portion of  Ryodan’s sexy fae night club is frosted and he gets Dani’s help, servitude, to figure out what is causing the frost and how to stop it. Ryodan is best friend to Jericho, Mac’s lover. Dani must figure out what is happening, free herself of Ryodan, and keep away from Mac or die trying.

I liked reading a continuation of the Fever series, and I enjoyed reading about it from a different point of view. But Dani was never my favorite character. While Mac grew over the Fever series, Dani stayed the same stupid kid who thinks she’s uber smart. She learns very few life lessons, and gets away with being a know-it-all because all the adults around her are malicious and trying to stab each other in the back. I didn’t like her treatment of her best friend, a new male character. She kind of uses and abuses him in that way 14 year olds do when they don’t know any better. Jo, one of her only other friends,  ends up having to work for Ryodan because of Dani. The other issue I had with the book was how all of these men were like, ‘Eh Heh Heh, the minute this girl is legal I’mma gonna be on her.’ Are there any, not gorgeous buxomy women in this series? Also, Ew.

I do like Dani for being intelligent and courageous. I don’t say smart, because the girl has brains, but sometimes she doesn’t know how to use them, and that is not so smart in my book. Plus, I remember my first introduction to Mac so I know Moning is capable of a great build of character even if it is slower than I want it to be. So I have hope for Dani and her portion of the series.

This action packed adventure will take you all over the place and Dani’s emotional whirlwind will painfully remind you of what it was like when you were fourteen. Though, hopefully you weren’t chasing down the fae and killing them with a magic sword. Dani has a lot of lessons to learn, and a lot of growing up to do, but she’s a bright, interesting character, and I will continue to read this series.

FTC Notice: I borrowed this book from the library.

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