Timey Wimey, It’s Bigger on the Inside, and a Squeezable TARDIS

I’m always delighted when I come across a nerdy cake, like this Doctor Who inspired creation. Plus anything chocolaty grabs my attentions! [via The Mary Sue]

There are a lot of theories about Oswin swimming around the internets. I’ve posted a blog that talks about the top ten theories. It seems the most popular is that Oswin is regeneration of River Song and this gif points out why someone thinks this is the best theory.

Both my friend JM on Facebook and Alisa Selene from Picture Me Reading excitedly sent me a picture of this girl wearing a TARDIS dress that opens up to show the inside of the TARDIS on the inside of a panel of her dress. I squealed both times, because I love seeing new Doctor Who internet awesomeness and because it’s clear my friends know me. Plus I do love this dress, it is well constructed, clever, and an excellent design for the shape of the woman who wears it.

Speaking of people getting me, Stephanie from Read in a Single Sitting sent me an email the other week with a link in it which shows that New Zealand is creating a valid legal tender inspired by the TARDIS and the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. How awesome is that? Of course there are collectible coins for sale. You can preorder them here.

Looking for some Doctor Who inspired home decor? Check out this Time Wimey clock in a lovely shade of TARDIS Blue. It doesn’t match any of my decoration color schemes so much (I know, a shocker right?), but it might match yours.  It is available for $92 on Etsy. [Via]

My mother was at the Toy Fair in NYC last week, and she got me a squeezable TARDIS. Because she is awesome like that. Thanks Mom!

Big TARDIS Little TARDIS Cubical Nerd Nervana

Big TARDIS Little TARDIS Cubical Nerd Nervana 

My squeezable TARDIS

My squeezable TARDIS


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