Doctor Whooveness

Doctor Who Day

A mash-up of Doctor Who and Disney, with Belle entering the TARDIS for adventure times. I wish I was Belle, and I wish I was entering the TARDIS. I’m jealous of a Disney character in a mash-up. That is all.

Amy and the Doctor done a la van Gogh.  [via]

Check out this scarf where you can see a TARDIS only from certain angles. It is the disappearing Blue Box pattern. [via]

Somehow I just found out that there are actual “episodes” of Doctor Whooves on YouTube. I didn’t watch all of this, I’ll be honest. The writing is a little boring. One thing we’ve learned in improv is to not narrate what we are doing. That is boring. Relationships are what are exciting. This episode spends over 2 minutes talking about what the characters look like and are doing …..


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