Doctor Who Snow Globe and Bookcase, and a Dalek Pizza

 A 1965 Daleks Snow Globe with a TARDIS. It looks like it is from the 60’s. Found on Daleks of the Day a tumblr which has a lot of other cool pictures of different dalek stuff. [via]

This woman is crafting some Doctor Who goodies and the money she makes she is putting toward donating to a family that suffered a great tragedy and loss. Twenty dollars for a cushion with a bow-tie. It looks comfy. (The donations and tragedy seem to be legit.)

From Think Geek a cool TARDIS hat. (Which is currently out of stock, BAH!) There is a kid who always walks around Second City on Sunday mornings who has a homemade TARDIS hat which is very similar to this one. It’s cool. TARDIS hats are cool now. [via]

How about this cute TARDIS bookcase small enough to fit in your bedroom. So darling! I remember the Doctor and his TARDIS showing up in quite a few bedrooms. Maybe this is a thing? [via]

And my favorite, a Dalek pizza. To be consumed, to get rid of the Daleks for ever. Ugh, I hate those things. And now I’m hungry. For pizza. [via]

And check out this Doctor Who Special of The Weakest Link on YouTube. David Tennant. Need I say more?

11 thoughts on “Doctor Who Snow Globe and Bookcase, and a Dalek Pizza

    • Wasted is totally subjective. Did you have an awesome experience, did you learn something, would you regret not having watched it? Those are the questions I ask myself when I think I’ve “wasted” my time. Often, I find, I haven’t wasted anything and have had a moment of joy I would not have otherwise had. 🙂

    • If you’re interested there’s a Doctor Who celebrity edition of the quiz show Pointless being shown this month on the BBC. Pointless is much more fun than the Weakest Link!

  1. I looked up your snow globe – I have a book – and it is from 1965 and they call it a ‘Dalek Meteorite Storm’ and say there were subtle variations with the number of different Daleks. Red snow / meteorites! The one in the book doesn’t even have a box (so they’re doing well!) and they (printed in the year 2000) say that a near mint price is £125!

    • That is totally awesome. And this reminds me of why I don’t collect things because my first thought is, I would totally sell that and take the 125 pounds. 🙂 ( don’t think I have a pounds symbol available to me)

      • Prices can only have gone up in ten years, I imagine, but I can’t find one for sale at the moment. It does show a difference in our country’s ‘special relationship’ if you don’t have a £ symbol because we all have a $ symbol above our keyboard’s number 4!

      • I know, we are very American-centric. I have a dollar sign, but no pound symbol. I bet if I was using my phone I would have a pound sign. . . . . yup. Newer technology is less racist (is that the right word?).

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