I Say Whatever Like a Hipster

A recent convert to listening to podcasts while getting other menial tasks done, I shared a recent find (thanks to Stephanie) with my best friend the podcast produced by NPR called Pop Culture Happy Hour.

Sara:  I always feel smarter after listening to NPR. It really doesn’t matter what the subject was.

Me: I don’t know that I feel smarter, but they have interesting discussions. I think I’m supposed to feel smarter, but I refuse to follow fads even of the intellect kind.

Sara: What fad is this?

Me: Listening to NPR because it makes you feel smarter and therefore you are superior to other people.  That fad.

Sara: I swear to God, sometimes you are such a hipster.


Feeling a little put out (but also giggling) I decided to see what Facebook had to say about my hipster tendencies.

Chris: Ha Ha! Hipster.

Me: Whatever.

Chris: Wow. You even say “Whatever,” like a hipster.

I banged my head on my desk from laughing so hard. Now I have a bruise. Thanks a lot Chris.

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