Nodds & Nends: “Fake” Geek Girls, Write Like You Talk, and the Pendulum Choir

I know I’ve posted much in the past about my distaste for saying that anyone is a fake geek. That elitist complex just makes me mad. But I keep finding interesting articles about it that I want to share, so here is another. I don’t agree with everything Doctor Nerd Love says, I think he puts other people’s fears and issues on the person doing the thing, rather than, Hey, take care of your own issues too.  But I he has some good points in this article about “Fake” Geek Girls.

I read an interesting post by an author on GoodReads about writing like you talk, even if you aren’t the best at grammar or spelling. That is what hiring a proofreader is about. I’m not saying learning grammar isn’t important, because it is. But some people don’t understand grammar in the way that I don’t understand math. That doesn’t mean they can’t write, just like that doesn’t mean I can’t do algebra. Actually, I’m great at algebra because I can memorize formulas and plug in numbers. The point is, if there is something you want to do, need to do, need to say or write, then do it. Write. (Thanks JohnMichael for the tip.)

A Pendulum Choir. Hydraulics and singing. This is the freakiest and most interesting thing I saw on the Internets this week, by far. (Thanks Breanna for the tip.)

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