Webseries Review: School of Thrones

If Game of Thrones was high school it would look like the webseries School of Thrones. Dany Targaryen (played by Ashly Burch) is the new girl at school and she arrives to find out that Prom Night is Coming. Prom at this high school is generally a horrible night as the school is divided into several die hard cliques. The Jocks, the Hipsters, and the Weirdos are all acting in the best interests of their families, lines are drawn, and even best friends forever will be against each other on Prom Night.

I really like the concept, it is clever but simple. The action starts right away and there is no need for exposition because the whole plot, Prom is Coming is said on a poster with cheesy music playing. I really like that. The relationship drama is what moves this story forward, and I’m a big fan of relationship dramas. I also was quite pleased with the acting. The cast is obviously taking this seriously, and they did a really good job. I’m also a fan of their opening sequence, really good graphics and a cool idea.

I thought it was clever how the different cliques in school were the different house from Game of Thrones. However, while clever, the episodes are not very witty until about the middle of episode 3. As there are only 3 episodes it was a while before I ever laughed at something. I enjoyed the first two episodes, they just didn’t reach giggle worthy. Perhaps if I liked making fun of really bad wigs, but that was all kind of “Meh” to me.

This show may be about high school students battling before Prom Night, but it is a not a show for kids (there is some language, even the dropping of the “F” bomb, if I heard correctly). It’s a show for people who like Game of Thrones and wondered what it would look like reimagined in a modern day setting with high schoolers. Or it is for those of us who haven’t really gotten into the whole Game of Thrones thing, but enjoy clever webseries with excellent production value and good acting.

5 thoughts on “Webseries Review: School of Thrones

  1. Yeah that first episode was really quite boring, aside from that really cool intro sequence – it’s the cleverest part of the whole video. But I just don’t see myself getting pulled into watching any more episodes though.

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