Webseries Review: The Broken Continent

Remember when I mentioned a kickstarter for a new webseries, The Broken Continent? And that my best friend was in it doing the fight scenes? Well, the kickstarter was funded! Now up for your viewing pleasure at The Broken Continent. I’ve seen three of the episodes and (even though biased ;))  I think it is a well done webseries.


The great continent of Elyrion was the center of the world’s culture and knowledge. . . . [Then Magicks]

In anger at this blasphemy, Relios [the True God] struck at the center of Ars Exilior, breaking the continent of Elyrion into five pieces, which would become known as the Heart, the Blade, the Crown, the Eye, and the Fist. . . .

Some three millennia after The Fracture, Eadwyn Redway is the King of the Heart and the Blade. . . Seeking to surpass his father, Eadwyn looks to conquer the remaining three Shards. Not all share Eadwyn’s ambitions, however, and some have risen up to oppose him. . . .

Among those who oppose Eadwyn’s desires of conquest are the Daughters of Tairol. . . . (Synopsis parts taken from the website)

The production value of this webseries is really good. Some of the armor clinking was a little distracting, but other than that the music was well played and slotted and even the layered effect of the birds gave the series a real sense of place and time. The actors are good and I think they all play their roles seriously, because this type of sword and magicks fantasy could come off as cheesy, but it doesn’t. I also really like that those in opposition to the tyrant are an amazonian warrior type of female tribe. Way cool! The fighting is fun and the story is interesting, so I enjoyed it.

My only concern is that it is a really involved story line for a webseries. Even just trying to sum it up is rather involved. I took the synopsis from the website and I felt the need to cut down a lot of what they have on their page and it’s still a long synopsis. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I like involved stories, but normally webseries have an easier tag line than several paragraphs. Added to the involved plot line are those weird fantasy names and honestly I just kind of skim over something like that usually. I don’t know how this is going to play out for them in the long run, but people quite enjoy Game of Thrones and that has involved plot lines and weird names too. (Seems to be a Game of Thrones theme in webseries recently, I wonder why that is. ;))

If you like high fantasy, sword fighting, and warrior women, check out The Broken Continent a new webseries in the vein of Game of Thrones. A dangerous King, children in peril, and women with long beautiful hair fighting for their lives, The Broken Continent is an engaging story with a beautiful background.

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