Webseries Review: Adults Only

First up folks, Adults Only is NSFW! If you could not tell that by the title, let me assure you, mostly every scene takes place in an adult video store. While nothing graphic is shown, pictures of DVD covers are blurred and language is bleeped, this is not a webseries for the youngins. It is however, probably one of the funniest webseries I have seen in a while. I laughed throughout the entire third episode. I love when that happens!

I was contacted by the webseries publicist and asked if I would like to watch and possibly review the series. I received no compensation for my review. It is just how I found out about the series. Actually, that happened a year ago. So, Adults Only, I apologize for my late review because your show is awesome and I enjoyed it immensely!

Chance Rioux is an Olympic Medal Winner and ten years later his ride to fame and back again has dwindled and he has to take a job working for his brother-in-law- at an adult video store. Chance is just a regular guy mentally bogged down by his past success, his only spot of sunshine is his hope to win over the beautiful lady at the local cafe.  Though he has no experience he works as a manager of the store and oversees two employees, a disgruntled woman who has an interesting tattoo on her breast and Ted (who goes by Crotch). Crotch also has a band and he seems to be the marketing force for this little store of misfit adult toys, especially when he realizes that Chance looks like a certain adult film star.

This series is funny and full of heart. The writing is excellent. Chance is someone to whom the audience can relate because, like everyone, he is just trying to deal with changes in his life and letting go of some dreams and forging new ones. Plus, his fallen face just squeezes at my heart. The weird things he has to put up with on the job make me cackle with joy. Though I’ve never worked at an adult video store, I have worked retail and honestly the job is the same no matter the product. Customers are weird, co-workers come up with crazy ideas, and you can generally find the product cheaper (in this case free) on line.

The production value was OK and the sets were minimal, but it was what I expected from scenes at a store and a cafe. Some of the office scenes were rather darkly lit, but I think that was the intent of the production. I really quite enjoyed one of the special guest stars that they got. One, because I knew who he is, and two, because he has quite a charming face and seeing it on my screen was no hardship. 😉 While perhaps not the most grand of productions, the story line was interesting and funny, the characters charming and relatable, and I really liked this webseries. Check out the first episode here. (I had some trouble with the 7th and 8th episodes not loading correctly the first time and cutting out after 3 minutes, but this may just be my computer and connection. I reloaded the pages and they played fine.)

Trailer below, slightly NSFW. . . . depending on your work. 😉

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