Webseries Review: Space Janitors

Space Janitors is part of Geek & Sundry. You can watch the first season online at Geek & Sundry’s YouTube Channel or on the official Space Janitors website (the second season launched April 2, 2013!). Some of the other webseries reviewed this week have just begun or already ended, but you can watch 9 whole episodes from last season in like an hour and get caught up for this season in no time. I’m a huge fan of Geek & Sundry, so subscribe to their YouTube channel and get amazing nerdy content, watch webseries like Space Janitors, and thank your lucky stars there is such amazing content out there.

Ok, plug over. Can you believe I didn’t get paid to do that? Or even asked to do that…….

Space Janitors is a comedy/sci-fi web series created by Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire. It chronicles the lives of two janitors, Mike Chet (Pat Thornton) and Darby Richards (Brendan Halloran) who serve aboard an evil iconic space station. After all, someone has to buff out the blaster burn marks from the halls and mop up the hero guts from the not-so-bottomless shaft.

The misadventures of Mike and Darby and their friends – a dogmatic computer psychologist, a curious Android, and one of the 10,000 clones aboard the station who are all named Dennis – shed a humorous light on popular and otherwise serious science fiction staples. In first season of Space Janitors we see the lives of the blue-collar staff at work on board the ship, punctuated by the occasional run in with the Dark Lord or a squad of invading rebels giving us the low rank glimpse of an epic galactic conflict.

This shows is so often giggle worthy that when I’m having a bad day I watch episodes to catch nerdy references and smile. I like the characters on this maintenance crew who show that living on a space ship is not all about lazer shoot outs and glory. Sometimes it is taking out the trash and standing to the side when said lazer shoot outs are happening. Brendan Holloran and Pat Thorton have a great bromance as Mike and Darby. Their comedy chemistry makes for a wonderful viewing and a lot of laughs.

Production value is actually fairly high seeing as they have funding and are distributed by Geek & Sundry. Some of the technology is purposely old school looking for comedy value. For example, when the incoming Dark Lord’s call flashes on a DOS screen that is just comedy gold. Some of the special effects are rather cheesy, but purposefully so, after all this show is about making fun of space operas and science fiction , as well as, paying homage to what the nerd/geek/dork community loves and knows. But I’m actually quite impressed when they don’t go for cheesy, the special effects are really well done.

If you need a laugh today, tomorrow, or any time really (because I think we all could use more laughs and hugs) check out Space Janitors. Give them some love, because Space Janitors have dreams too.


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