Webseries Review: Jane Eyre

The other day on Alisa’s twitter feed I discovered a new webseries called Jane Eyre, which is a modern take on the classic story by Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre is in nursing school, but has decided she is going to get a job being a nanny and answers a Craigslist ad. I’ve seen both episodes that have been posted, and what I’ve seen is really good.

I like that it is a video blog so that production value doesn’t need to be so excellent. The story is funny and modern but with the same feel as the original story. I like the actress, she does an excellent job. She is cute in her nervousness and she is funny in an understated way, which I like. The second episode had be really nervous, I had to stop it half way through and go do something else to calm down. I know it isn’t real, but damn, it felt like it. I’m hooked.

If you enjoy remakes, Jane Eyre, or clever webseries, you should check this one out.

4 thoughts on “Webseries Review: Jane Eyre

  1. YAY! I am so glad you like it as well..I am really curious to see how this one goes and I felt so sorry for her in the third episode..I think it captures the sense of fear that Jane has when going to Thornfield for the first time!

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