The Doctor Travels Across the Internets

I found a Tim Burtoesque Doctor Who The Nightmare Before Christmas Special, on Brian of Morbius, is cool and creepy. However, This t-shirt of a Weeping Angel is just weird. I think if someone did that in front of me I would laugh and go, Um, OK. And probably walk away while they were trying to get the shirt back off their head.

The TARDIS has shown up in several places this week disguised as a dress. A 1940’s poodle skirt version showed up on Pinterest. A ruffled version with a TARDIS tie can be purchased on Etsy. Or if you want more of a long t-shirt with leggings look, this screen printed dress would be a good idea. And finally via ThinkGeek this really cool full bustled TARDIS gown with a riding hood appeared. Honestly, this is by far my favorite TARDIS dress I have EVER seen. I. Want. To. Go. To. There. (It’s only $500.)

Of course if you are going to wear the TARDIS as a dress, the perfect shoe is necessary to go with your Doctor Who outfit. I like this particular TARDIS heel, but my friend Sara prefers this one. Either way you can be totally decked out in TARDISes, how awesome is that?!

And finally, the TARDIS landed at a church.


cc mym via Wikimedia Commons

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