Les Mis from Honest Trailers

First of all, I want to say that I made a slight year error on my blogoversary post. I’ve been at this since 2011, not 2010. Oops. Sorry for the mix-up. I guess this last year has felt like a long year, not necessarily here on the blog, but in my personal life, and so I get length of time mixed up quite often. So, yah. I’ve been at this two years, and it is still one of the things that makes me happiest which the decisions I’ve made. So Woot!

Ok, you all know I had issues with Les Miserables (2012), so I find this hilarious. But you probably wont if you liked the movie. (Thanks Adrian for the tip!)

4 thoughts on “Les Mis from Honest Trailers

    • It was not my favorite movie last year. However, I know lots of people who quite enjoyed it. I think people either hate or love it. There seems to be little middle ground.

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