Another Doctor Puppet

[Edit: Peeps, I’ve been really sick for almost a week now. So sick I actually went to a minute clinic for a diagnosis, which I never do. The last time I went to a doctors because I felt ill, and not for a general check up, was like eight years ago when I thought I had an ear infection and it turned out my ear was just broken (i.e. I was stressed). So, sorry for the late responses to comments, but I’ve been in bed or on my couch for the last three days. I didn’t have the energy to blog, which is totally unlike me. I’m hopefully on the mend now. But I’m still not 100%. So I apologize if things don’t run as smothly as they normally do… or don’t. 🙂 )

Gallifry One is a Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles and it looks like a lot of fun. Other than it being across the country and that I have a phobia about getting squashed like a bug in large crowds which often lead to panic attacks, I would totally go. Next year it takes place in February and it looks like they get some fun guest speakers. One internets find I stumbled across while cyber stalking the convention was this puppet who goes around interviewing convention goers. Quite cute.

But it was only recently that I realized this little puppet has done some other YouTube videos including this one which is an homage to the Weeping Angels, and had me giggling.

I found both of these videos on the TARDIS Newsroom blog site, go check it out and follow the blog for some other wonderful Doctor Who goodies!

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