Nodds & Nends: Jayne Hats, Tiny House, and Dove’s Commercial

Firefly crack down by Fox  on selling Jayne Hat’s on Etsy. Big surprise. [Note the sarcasm.]

I found these tiny houses in trees. It’s totally photoshopped, but in my imaginary world it isn’t. And I live in one of them. With a blue door.

Check out this eyeful of art. Literally, Eye Art. I think it is gorgeous!

Probably most of you have seen Dove’s recent beauty sketches ad. Here is my two cents worth, It’s an ad. For a beauty product company. Of course it is going to be about beauty. It’s an ad, it is going to be dramatic, and seem unrealistic. It’s a story they are telling. It’s an ad. People are upset because of course we are still talking about women’s beauty as being what they are worth. But I don’t think that is the actual message, I think people like to be negative whenever possible. I think that Dove was trying to show that sometimes how we see ourselves isn’t always in the best light. Sometimes the way other people look at us can give us insight into our own lives and we take from that what we will. Personally, I like this ad.

4 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: Jayne Hats, Tiny House, and Dove’s Commercial

  1. Great video. But hey, whoa Dove, easy on the tissues? Do they sell tissues?

    And like you, not surprised by Fox, just think it’s super lame. (Hey, we want money for the products of that show we shafted and canceled dagnabit!)

  2. I like the dove ad..I think it’s true actually..I think people always see themselves as more faulty..I know I thought my nose was enormous when younger but my husband thinks it’s the perfect size for my face 🙂 The Jane hat is really interesting..and sad..I feel sorry for the etsy artists!

    • I do think it is interesting how we view ourselves, always a little skewed.

      I feel sorry for the Etsy artists too! Especially as many of them probably spent a lot of time creating the cool patterns. Not easy that, creating patterns.

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