Week of Videos

Hey Peeps!

So recently life has really hit the fan and splattered all over my living room and I have these crawling bug legs climbing all over my couch and arm hairs.

In reality, I had strep throat for a week before I was diagnosed (i.e. went to the Doctor’s after realizing that white spots on the back of my throat were not a normal sore throat thing and then the first test was negative and I had to wait two days for a positive test and antibiotics which are now making my arms feel like bugs are crawling on them. The impetus for the above graphic image.) During that fiasco I was working at my full time job, part time job, going to two classes a week, running this blog, and dealing with a family emergency of the this-is-not-good kind (are there emergencies that are good?).

Suffice to say when I missed two improv classes because of all of this, lost out on a day work at my full-time job, three shifts at my part-time job, and went to my voice over class a mere five hours after I was decontaminated of strep, the blog kind of went to the back of my mind. Today, after some four hours of sleep, invisible bugs crawling over my skin, a jug of caffeine, two donuts, and a few hallucinations (because of the lack of sleep) I realized I maybe needed to get my blog back on track for the next bit because while things have hit the fan they are currently still spreading about the room of my life and there will not be any other time to get this done.

For example, tonight after working for twelve hours I get to commute home for an hour, do laundry, pack for a last minute trip, splice together some recordings for a fantastic opportunity that came at a nearly impossible time, and hope against hope that my overly tired body lets me sleep for a few more hours than four seeing as I have another twelve hour working day ahead of me tomorrow. I also hope that my neighbors are not too upset that I forgot to turn off my alarm before I left as I woke up an entire hour before it was to go off this morning, decided to just get up and leave for work anyway… oops, and left the alarm to go off after I had left the building. But honestly, if that is the one thing I have forgotten to do in all of this, Yay me! (I’m not kidding about the hallucinations. For an hour there I felt like perhaps I was floating above my desk at work, having an out of body experience that felt like some kind of dream.)

I looked at my list of posts to go out over the next two weeks and was ever so grateful I have generally two weeks worth of posts scheduled before they go out. I used up about half of that lead during the illness and know I would use up at least that much in planning and executing a last minute trip. So, I made an executive decision to put up an easy week of Fun Videos I Found on the Internets. Generally these would all be posted in the same posting or at least on the same day, but I spread them out for the good of all, I assure you. I think these videos are funny, I enjoy subscribing to almost all of these channels (the Thor trailer is not really a channel I feel the need to subscribe to), and hope you enjoy them also. I apologize if my answering of questions has been spotty lately, but thems the breaks when you can’t win for loosing.

I love this blog, it makes me happy, and I know it makes other people happy. I’m sorry that this week will not be up to my usual snuff in the way of original content, but I do think some of these videos will make you laugh. My mantra for this year has been that Life is Too Short to be Un-happy. So, enjoy! Laugh at Vader and be happy!


The Absurdly Nerdly Grrrl

[Edit: I wrote this post two weeks ago. Usually I go back and correct tenses, but decided to leave it as is. Life has been hectic. I’m working on getting things back on track!]


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