Picture Me Reading Book Club Extra: Books About Death

Picture Me Reading

Guess what! I’m a guest over on Picture Me Reading today, where I join Alisa and Aidan during their Book Club Extra audio discussion. I’m a huge fan of both Alisa’s Picture Me Reading blog where she illustrates her book reviews and Aidan’s Chair With A Panda blog where he reviews Doctor Who television episodes, movies, and tie-in books. [Edit: I forgot that I had this set to publish at 8 this morning and I needed to go in and add a couple of things. Sorry about that! All if fixed, enjoy!]

Today we discuss books that deal with death. One of my picks even has Death as a character, Neil Gaiman is discussed more than once, and one of my favorite shows Dead Like Me about a girl who works as a Reaper. You can listen to our discussion by clicking this link.

Below are our picks and links to reviews, other audio discussions, and even a post about a book signing of one of the authors! A lot of links, a lot of fun, you can now waste your whole morning here.

Alisa: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, Death- The High Cost of Living (Sandman Series) by Neil Gaiman (Alisa is planning to reread these and review them!), and Everbound by Brodi Ashton (Alisa went to a book signing where the author was on a panel)

Aidan: Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens, The Pardoner’s Tale by Chaucer (Canterbury Tales), and Mort by  Terry Pratchett (Aidan is a fan of Pratchett and discusses Hogfather’s adaption with such delight I put it in my Netflix queue).

Me: Death’s Daughter by Amber Benson, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, and Abby Cooper Psychic Eye by Victoria Laurie.

3 thoughts on “Picture Me Reading Book Club Extra: Books About Death

  1. I am hiding from any sort of Doctor Who review. Doubly so since ‘they’ accidentally released the series DVD a week early in America before it’s been on TV! Are you one of the people that pre-orders DVDs? If so did you get it? No spoilers if you did, mind!

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