littleBit of Video

My mom, Tara Noftsier, works for a company called littleBits an “open source library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets for prototyping, learning and fun.” She was lucky enough to go to Maker Faire 2013, in San Francisco and was interviewed, along with some other Makers. Here is a clip about the fair, some cool Makers, and my mom talking about the littleBits. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself, with all of my biases.

And littleBits have even been used in a Taylor Swift video ft. Ed Sheeran. The littleBits part starts at 2:25.

4 thoughts on “littleBit of Video

  1. Go Mum. I couldn’t spot her stuff in the video though. The dreary music didn’t help my attention though, Where does the name Noftsier come from? Is that French?

    • It was the fake tattoo gun that the kids were using. And yes, go Mum.

      I believe the name Noftsier is French, and perhaps there is some German in there too. Growing up in upstate New York (45 min from the Canadian border) we said Nosh-sher. However, my mother now pronounces it Noft (as in loft), see air.

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