Adding Grease to the Pink Aisle

This is a really cool advert by the engineering toy company GoldieBlox which seeks to disrupt the pink aisle by creating building toys for girls. [via The Mary Sue]

7 thoughts on “Adding Grease to the Pink Aisle

  1. I refuse to buy the children in my life any Barbie or Disney products. I take a stand. I didn’t stop my goddaughter getting three different Barbies last birthday though… Somehow I don’t think getting “Architect Barbie” evens up the gender-enforcing message they give out.

    • Yah, Barbie is a tough one. I personally never thought my body had to be like that growing up and I played with them constantly. My siblings and I would set up an entire Barbie/Doll town across the house and have made up shops selling real life puppies and the like.

      Teaching kids how to play and make believe and imagine is what is important. But definitely Barbie is not at all representative of what women look like.

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