Video Day Continued: Cheerios, Matt Harvey, and Adorable Children

Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres are about the only talk shows I really enjoy. Sometimes I’ll watch a little Chelsea Lately, but mostly I find talk shows boring. But Jimmy Fallon, he gets people to do the best stuff. He got Matt Harvey (MBA player from the Mets) to go out and interview people in NYC about Matt Harvey. Hilarity ensues. I laughed until I cried.

Yesterday, when I was feeling a little depressed, so instead of a smoke break I took a Sophia Grace and Rosie break and watched a couple of bits from them on YouTube. They are just so excited about life, I love it. They made me smile which was a really good feeling. I love all of the videos, but this is my favorite.)

But this is my favorite video this week. It’s adorable. It also makes me feel a little better about the future and that maybe I should go buy a box of Cheerios. One of the commenters on the Jezebel site said: “I’m gonna go pretend this is the only video on the internet now.” [via] Thanks to Stephanie B. for the tip.


6 thoughts on “Video Day Continued: Cheerios, Matt Harvey, and Adorable Children

    • It was so controversial that Cheerios had to turn off the Youtube comments. There were a lot of feeds in Youtube and Facebook talking about it, so I thought the response with the kids was cute.

      It is odd.

      That’s a cute dress that I hadn’t seen before. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

      • I find it odd that America would react like that. Over here I’m sure that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow which is why I was as confused as the kids.

      • There are certain sectors of the States that hold on to some deeply ingrained notions of racism. Which is why I always get annoyed when people say the Civil War was about State rights. Obviously, with such rampant racism and bigotry still on going, the Civil War and Martin Luther King Jr.’s activism, were merely small steps and more are needed to set up a deeply ingrained accepting culture. In college (Uni) I wrote my senior thesis on Healthcare and institutionalized racism. It permeates our culture, and we are still actively trying to over come it. It’s really frustrating, saddening, and confusing. (Also, sorry, your comment went into my spam folder for some reason.)

    • I think Russell Brand is hilarious myself. And really clever. He was on an American television morning show and the hosts were acting like he was some sort of talking monkey. It was embarrassing. He treated them all respectfully, but definitely schooled them in manners.

      That video always makes me laugh. Every time.

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