Doctor Who Day: 12th Doctor, Vintage Pendants, and a Flask

Read a post on the Geek Force Network for one woman’s top 12 picks for the 12th Doctor. I’m voting on number 3. Chiwetel Ejiofor for the win!

I like to go onto Etsy and search for Doctor Who or TARDIS and just see the awesome things people are making and producing. Like this Delete decal staring a Cyberman for your geeky keyboard. I also found a charming Fez and Bow-Tie charm necklace that is just adorable and this TARDIS vintage pendant that is really cool. But the most adorable find on Etsy, that is also kind of the creepiest, is this Are You My Mummy bib. Awww. ::Shudder::

I like searching Etsy because there are always new finds and interesting projects being made. But sometimes I don’t immediately find the best stuff searching on Etsy. Instead I head over to Pinterest where I find this amazing TARDIS flask. Yes, it leads back to Etsy. But it had gotten lost among the other not so great stuff.  [via]

I follow Nerdist Channel on Youtube and Chris Hardwick really does some cool stuff. Like bowling with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Or sending off some of his peeps to the U.K. to meet up with Arthur Darvill to tour some of his favorite London taxidermy shops. I am TOTALLY jealous. The popcorn skulls was my favorite.


6 thoughts on “Doctor Who Day: 12th Doctor, Vintage Pendants, and a Flask

    • I have not seen Luther, but I too love Idris Elba. I second your nomination. And the motion is passed. Lawyered! (Sometimes, I just can’t help myself.) 😀

      • I’d also love to see Idris play James Bond. I’m telling you, watch Luther and try to disagree with me. He’s a phenomenal actor. Maybe we should start an Idris for the 12th campaign, and if that fails we can do an Idris for Bond campaign. One of them has got to work.

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