Watching the Iron Giant and Making Butterflies

It’s been a while since I’ve really posted. I put up a few things last week, but I know postings haven’t been real regular. Hopefully soon I’ll get a routine in place and be posting on a schedule. For now, I’m kind of taking each chaotic day as it happens. 

I moved to Texas, peeps. Fourteen or so hours in a van after ditching about half of the stuff in my apartment because it couldn’t fit. And that was after a major downsizing in preparation for the move. Basically all my stuff fits in a bedroom and along the wall of a garage. It’s a little disorienting and I’ll admit I was sad to see my bed fly away from my life. Le sigh.

But in spite of the stress, sprained fingers from moving, and some major life adjustments I’m really excited about the future. Soon Chris will be moving out here and there will be even more awesome, chaotic, and wonderful adjustments as we start our life together.

One of the biggest, is that I’m now engaged!

My black diamond, oxidized sterling silver engagement ring.

My black diamond, oxidized sterling silver engagement ring.

Chris proposed in June while we were on vacation at Virginia Beach. After walking the boardwalk for a few minutes and discussing wedding plans (as we have been for a while now) he said, “I guess I haven’t actually asked you to marry me yet.”

“No, I guess you haven’t.” I agreed.

“Will you marry me?” He asked. I thought he was joking, sometimes his serious face and his “I’m teasing you now” face look the same.

“Oh, wait, for real?” I questioned.

“Um, yes.” He said.

“Oh, then, yes!” I agreed, before I burst out laughing at myself. Oh, wait, for real, is probably the least romantic thing I’ve ever said.

We ordered a ring together and it just arrived yesterday and I really really love it! Life may not be a bed of roses (though who really wants that, think of the thorns!), but it’s a hundred percent better with Chris in it. He listens, he makes me laugh, and he has taken my side against my sisters from the beginning. Well, most of the time. I look forward to us evolving together as people.

cc Melissa West

cc Melissa West

4 thoughts on “Watching the Iron Giant and Making Butterflies

  1. Congratulations. All the best, although I thought you were moving eastwards to where he was so I’m a little confused that you ended up in Texas!

    One day soon when you have more time you can tell us what you think of the new Doctor Who, and whether you watched the announcement live, and if you’ve time look at the Earl’s Court Police Box on Street View. The Great Intelligence mistook it for the TARDIS in ‘The Bells of Saint John’, but click on the double chevron…

    • Thanks! My sisters live in Texas and the economy here is better, so we decided this is where we want to be for now.

      Soon I will be posting a Doctor Who bit as I’ve some goodies in store! That google maps thing is quite cute and funny. 🙂

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