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I often see a lot of cool things in my Facebook feed, because I only like interesting people. S’true, especially because I’m easily amused and find many things interesting. Here are some of the gems I’ve run across or thrown up on my Facebook feed in the last little bit.

Cosplayers are cool and not all of them are misogynists as is evidences by this awesome little story on one of my favorite websites.

Should I get a miniature me and Chris for our wedding toppers? 600 dollars is like a quarter of my budgets, but it is worth it, right? I mean they look really fantastic and uber realistic! via Stephanie Bell who also had the Police Box car picture the other day. See, I have cool friends.

A Chicago hockey player holding his new born baby. Because, well, it’s heartwarming. Go to their official FB page and scroll down a bit. Did I tell you about the time I saw the Stanley Cup? When I worked in Chicago, it was right downtown, and when the Blackhawks won they had this parade that was a tad sparse that people lined up to seen at 7 a.m., and it didn’t start until 11 a.m. We stood by the windows and watched it pass. There was a lot less confetti this year, which was a shame. via Katherine Rhead.

A useful writing tip about action. Use the person as the camera and don’t talk about the camera. Via Read in a Single Sitting. She posts some awesome things, you should go like her FB page and you’ll get cool and interesting posts on your FB page too.

My fiance loves graveyards. One of the first things we ever did together was go to a graveyard and walk around taking pictures of some of the really cool statues. . . . Which I no longer have because I’ve a new phone. Dang. I’ll have to see if Chris still has it. But anyway. We found this statute of a really tall, robed and hooded, mystery man and Chris found the statutes lady and sent me a picture of her on FB. Which I totally heart for its dark romanticism.

I try to do a fun artistic activity with my niece that I’m living with. Based on some photos and a friend’s project with her daughter, we made a fairy house that still sits on her dresser. I also glued wings and a tiara to a little doll of hers, but that stuff eventually came off and the doll disappeared into the toy closet. But the fairy house remains. (Sorry the picture is blurry, I’d go take another, but the flowers have wilted by now.)



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