Skulls, Skulls, and More Skulls

My fiance is a bit obsessed with skulls, and I’ve always found them interesting myself. So they’ve slowly crept deeper and deeper into my life. My key chain is a skull, I have shirts with skulls on them, and even my piggy bank is a skull. The piggy bank is our tattoo money. So far I think I have less than a dollar in there, I really need to get on that.

Chris and I are not the only ones obsessed with skulls. Some people put them in cloche jars and display them as house decorations. Some people put them on high heels with a lot of other interesting and intricate artwork. Some people just use them in the art they create.  Check out my Nerd Love board on Pinterest where I direct all my skull art to.

Some people use them as inspiration for tattoos. I love this one where the other art on the arm makes the overall piece look like a skull. Check out my Tattoos board to see some other cool tattoos and some I’m thinking of getting myself.

But my favorite recent skull find is this awesome maternity shirt. If you don’t look at any of my other links, you gotta check this one out!

green skull piggy bank

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