Thirty Days of Thankful: Magic Everyday

One of the most amazing things about kids is that they see magic everywhere. And they really believe in it. I never did believe in much of anything, even as a kid. I wasn’t allowed to believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny, though we did have a “tooth fairy”, but Jesus was the only supernatural being I was allowed to believe in. My niece on the other hand truly believes in magic. All of her favorite shows are about magic. It is very real to her, and such fun to watch.

cc Jami Zehr

cc Jami Zehr the artist’s auntie

The other day we were driving by some construction of some sort and I pointed it out to her saying, “Look at that truck. Those men are either pumping something into the ground or out of the ground.”

My niece, “I think they are pumping something into the ground.”

“Oh? What?”

“Magic treasure.” She replied matter of fact.

Of course. How did I *think* it got there?


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