30 Days of Thankful: Halloween Decorations

Today I’m thankful for Halloween decorations. When I was younger my parents did not let us celebrate Halloween, it’s the devil’s holiday after all. So we sat in our house with the lights off and ignored the door bell when it ran from trick or treaters. That was a *lot* of fun. Only two years ago did I have the opportunity to actually go door to door and get candy for myself… I mean my four year old best friend in Chicago.

Today my sister and I ran all over town gathering decorations and set up our own Halloween decor. It was a lot of fun, I’m I love how the lawn looks. We have an idea for some more fun decorations, but need to find the items first. My niece and I have also been centering our art projects around fall decorations. I’m having a blast with all of it.

mantle decorations

We made the banner and turkey

outside decorations

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