30 Days of Thankful: Dancing

I’m thankful for dancing. I love to dance. I grew up in a family that was extremely religious. Often this precluded us from doing things. Like celebrating Halloween. It also meant that we substituted worldly things with Christianized versions of them. Like interpretive dancing. Basically, it was a lot of sign language, some contemporary moves, and some ballet. We even had national competitions with our denomination and I enjoyed every second of it. . . Well, there was once incident that kind of soured things for me personally. But I was able to set that once incident aside and just move with the music. I eventually choreographed dances for other people and I really miss that aspect of who I use to be.

Now, I’m old, I haven’t taken lessons in forever, and the only time I dance is when the house is quiet, everyone is gone, the dogs are kenneled, and a bit of energy will steal over me, and I’ll set some music on and dance to Joey from Concrete Blonde. I’m thankful for dancing. It has always been a way of expressing myself and someday I want to start taking adult lessons again. Some day when I have the time and the money.

In the mean time I enjoy watching dancing shows like SYTYCD and I will never stop dancing in the living room when no one is looking.

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