30 Days of Thankful: Hugging

There has been a lot of research on hugging. Some people recommend 8 hugs a day just to be at a place of emotional stasis. There have definitely been days where I have maybe only gotten one hug. Those where sad days.

Recently, I went on a trip to see family and the abundance of hugs got me to thinking. Getting more than eight hugs a day was wonderful. It feels good to have someone surround you with their arms, to hold on, and know that you exist and they exist in the moment. Giving support to each other.

It is easy to forget to give the people who are in your lives daily that we all need a little hug to survive. So hopefully this is a reminder to go out there and give a good hug to someone you care about.

By Podengo (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

By Podengo (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

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