30 Days of Thankful: Doctor Who

I Love Doctor Who. I think the show is clever, engaging, and brings together a wide range of audience. The Doctor reminds us of the adventure, the wonder, the joy of meeting human simply because he isn’t.

People disagree on their favorite Doctor, but mine will always be Matt Smith. I think he is wonder and joy personified as the Doctor. He has made me smile in dark times, I will be forever thankful to him.

Watch the trailer below to see shoots from the 50th anniversary. Just remember, “Spoilers!”


9 thoughts on “30 Days of Thankful: Doctor Who

  1. Where and when are you going to watch? I’m going to the cinema, for the experience, thinking I’d be on my own. I bought my ticket 6 hours after they went on sale to find that two-thirds of the room had been sold already! Since then the cinema’s had to put on a second screen (nearly sold out too) and now a repeat performance two hours later. This is te cinema for a small town, not a city. It’s all a bit odd, but I won’t be alone!

  2. Matt’s my favourite too… I can very much be like him sometimes… and it’s because of a clip of “I Am The Doctor” from the 2010 Proms on YouTube that I truly came to love Doctor Who. I was still coming to terms with my impending divorce, I was missing my homeland, my friends and my family… that clip brought tears to my eyes in a way I can’t truly explain… except that I felt connected to my roots again.

    Sounds a bit silly now πŸ˜‰

    Have you seen the prequel? It’s pretty cool – it answers a couple of major plot points…

    …and are you going to watch the 50th in the movie theatres? I bought my ticket today… can’t wait πŸ˜€

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