30 Days of Thankful: My Best Friend Sara

The first day I met Sara was at a tea party at the library for the very popular American Girl Dolls. I went dressed as Felicity, my favorite doll I didn’t have the money to own. Sara came with her own Felicity doll. We sized each others bounty and were appropriately jealous 11 year olds.

Soon after we met again at a home school soccer team and became fast friends. I’ve helped Sara’s family decorate their Christmas tree, milked their goats while they went on vacation, and one spring break made 7 lbs of fudge, which never set, so we sat around eating it from spoons. We consumed the entire batch in 7 days.

I haven’t been able to eat fudge since.

Sara is amazing. I can call her in hysterics at midnight after finding out the bookstore that shall not be named is going out of business and she calms me down, assures me we can handle anything, and comes up with a game plan for the next few days. She rides a motorcycle, choreographs fights for plays, and gives the best hugs.

I’m thankful for Sara because she always knows how to say the right thing, she loves unconditionally, and she gives of herself to the people in her life. She is amazing



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