Sherlock Love

Due to incoming guests and family meals, I haven’t watched Sherlock. Yet. But I will. So, no spoilers. In the mean time, here is some fun Sherlocky spoiler free stuff on the interwebs.

Sherlock cosplay. His grin is the bestest!

Sherlock and John fan art. Though, I think John is quite clever himself.

Sherlock and MGM lion mash up. Because this one made me laugh out loud.

Sherlock and Mary Hopper anime fan art.

Possible Sherlock Legos to be made. It’s currently in the review stage. In the mean time enjoy the concept art work.

sherlock lego

9 thoughts on “Sherlock Love

  1. Am I right in that it hasn’t been on your TV yet? I am amazed how many Americans managed to get to see it so quickly! A bizarre news story over here is that Sherlock is massive in China, somehow, and that three million of them got up early in the morning (for when it was released) to watch it just two hours after we did. And in China Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are known as Curly Fu and Peanut!

  2. Oh, and hurry up and watch. I loved the first episode where you are slapped around the face with the unbelievable way in how Sherlock survived! Get watching!

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