Like an Addict

Today was very stressful. The sun shone for a few moments but most of it was quite dreary. The wind was blowing hard enough and cold enough to make me wonder if I was back in Chicago.

I ran all over town and back again. I left my house twice and forgot to brush my teeth before I left the first time. But in the end I staved off panic attacks and successfully mailed my application for the Texas Bar Examination. Win, win?

To reward myself for this trying ordeal, and it was one, I rewarded myself with a trip to the library. I picked up a requested item and a few more items as well. I add them to my collection of library books already at home that I have yet to read and which are due in 2 days.

I can’t help myself. The intense high I get from wandering among the bookshelves, feeling the binding of the books, and allowing myself the pleasure of taking them home is too much to resist.

I think this must be what it is like to be addicted to heroin.



8 thoughts on “Like an Addict

  1. Good luck, although I’m not sure if you’re applying for a qualification or for a job. Hope all goes well though. I forget what happened in individual Sandman graphic novels and if I ever get any more I think I’d need to re-read the three I have again. I have a fourth, I think, but it’s a later one so I haven’t read it… or seem to know where it’s gone. I have just read the Neil Gaiman short story he wrote for the fiftieth anniversary and it was possibly the best one in the book.

    • I need to read his short story!

      Every state requires people to take a two day examination to qualify to practice the law in that state. Applying to be tortured basically.

      • The Neil Gaiman story was written for the “50th Anniversary Collection 11 Doctors 11 Stories” where eleven famous authors each tackled a different Doctor. The stories were released one by one last year (digitally) before they were released as a book when the whole collection was out. So you can get the Gaiman story on its own, if you’re that way inclined. His is called “Nothing O’Clock”.

        To be honest I don’t think any of them are great, with some written as if they’ve never seen the relevant Who before, but NG veered very close to a story plot I’ve had for a while, but then didn’t.

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