Throw Back Thursday Circ. 1985

Jami opening phone

It’s throwback Thursday where people post pictures of them from eons ago, or maybe from just a few years ago. Apparently at one point and time I had a mullet. My only excuse is that it was the 80’s and I was a curious child who first cut her hair with scissors and then when those were taken away found some nail clippers.

My mom likes to tell the story that my little baby sister found my curly hair piled under the crib where I had cut it all off and brought out one of my curls to tattle tail on me. My mom seeing the curl thought it was a rat’s tail and screamed bloody murder. I think it was payback for her desire to name me Jami Smurf….., you heard me right. Smurf. Though to be fair she was 17 when she was trying to name me and there were lots of critters that got into that trailer, a possum and raccoon for a few examples.

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