Whedon: The Biography – It’s a Thing

A journalist and friend of Whedon’s has written his biography. While I generally prefer autobiographies, for being slightly more intimate, and humorous ones at that, I will admit I’m intrigued. I’ve been a fan of Whedon’s work for a while, though not always in agreement with everything he does. Everyone has flaws, even our heroes.

A biography about the man should be interesting, perhaps a view into how his mind works and what his close friends think about him. Hopefully it’s as funny as the scripts he writes. Check out the forward by Nathan Fillion:  http://www.usatoday.com/story/popcandy/2014/08/01/joss-whedon-nathan-fillion/13454323/

4 thoughts on “Whedon: The Biography – It’s a Thing

  1. That does sound cool! I would certainly be curious to learn more about his thought processes in developing his shows but particularly in the risky indie work he’s done.

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