Pierce Gets His Dream Job Only if You Vote

My friend Pierce is trying to get enough votes to have an amazing opportunity to work as an Official Tour Reporter for Nitro Circus “the greatest live action sports show in the world.” Pierce won a Redbull Challenge once and got to fly a jet, he produces videos, and is a professional triathlete. His personality is even bigger than his 6’7″ frame and I think he would do an amazing job as a Tour Reporter. But he needs votes.

The site is not that easy to vote on, I’m not going to lie. They make you verify that you are human AND confirm your email address, but lets see if we can UP his votes! You can vote from as many emails as you have every 24 hours. If nothing else go watch his video and see him water-ski as a gladiator!

He only has 22 days left and 171 votes. Yikes! Go. Help. Send him to New Zealand by voting here.

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