Throw Back Thursday and Some Good News

Here is a picture from when I was six or seven. I’ve had the exact same face since I was two. My siblings and I are at some cousin’s birthday party. A second or third cousin once removed. Someone I probably haven’t seen since and whose name I’ve completely forgotten. My step-sister sitting next to me looking at the camera makes me giggle. I see her girls in that slightly defiant gaze. My brother is behind me with some sort of paci or weird candy that looks like lips. Remember that candy? Tasted like wax and added plump lips to your face before botox and collagen injections were a thing.

My youngest step-sister is next to him, on the left, and my sister Megan is in the right hand corner of the frame. You can barely see her because of the filter. I probably should have made sure that her face made the cut. But there are about five kids in the photo I don’t even recognize, and I didn’t want them in it. No, I’m not talking about myself and my siblings.

Though, I do barely recognize myself. It took me a long ten seconds to decide that it’s my sister in the top right hand corner and not myself. But then I realized there is no way she would have been the picture’s cheerleader, following whatever prompt some adult gave us. I’m the one who was always seeking adult approval by following every single order, even the contradictory ones, she the skeptic of any such shenanigans.



In other news, I found out this morning that I passed the Texas State Bar! This is good news and bad news. Good news because I achieved a huge accomplishment, but it comes with a lot of licensure and tax fees. Yes, attorney’s are taxed in Texas just for being attorneys. Right now I don’t have a lucrative attorney career so the fees are a bit astronomical in my mind, but I’ve a few months to figure it all out. They are all due right around the Holidays and our moving date of course. It doesn’t rain, but it pours- bills and fees.

I wish it was raining money, or men. Then I could get hit by a falling man and sue him and get my fee money that way. Actually, that would be a lot of work. I wish it was raining money or at least less bills.

Here is a picture of me celebrating with my sister this morning. I’m smiling so big because that was before I found out about all of the fees and tax fines.



7 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday and Some Good News

  1. Congratulations. All the hard work has paid off. But where are you moving to now? I thought you just moved there not so long ago.

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