Sucker Punched 2 Photo Shoot Idiegogo

I’ve spoken before of my friend Sara and the wonderful world of stage fighting that she does, which have included forays into the webseries sphere. Now, she has joined Craig Lawrence of Fight Guy Photography, located in Northern Virginia, in an IndieGoGo project which is raising money to do a Sucker Punched 2 photo shoot. Last year they shot and completed Sucker Punched the original and they want to find a way to add more costumes, backgrounds, and weaponry to Sucker Punched 2.

Check out their Sucker Punched 2 IndieGoGo page where they explain the concept in great detail with some footage from last year and their vision going forward. They have some great perks for being a contributor. In fact, if you have the money you can get Sucker Punched yourself or give the gift of a fun photo shoot for a friend. This perk includes the team of Fight Guy Photography working with an you to design a Sucker Punched character, “shoot you (with a camera!) and provide you with prints and merchandise featuring your character!”

Lawrence explained to me that his vision for Sucker Punched 2 is about “the idea of creating super heroines and female bad ass characters to the tune of empowerment and agency.” An idea I think we can all get behind. Another great thing about this project, beyond the super bad ass female imagery, is their commitment to give of their proceeds to RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network). Last year they gave 10% of the money they raised (after IndieGoGo’s fees) from their Sucker Punched project and this year they have also earmarked part of the money they raise to help support RAINN.

Check out Sara’s super bad ass self below and click on the links above to help support this endeavor.


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