How to Transfer Contacts to a Samsung Galaxy S5

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S5 and had to transfer my contacts from my S3. This took me an hour, five different websites, and I will admit a fit of rage and angry tears. In order to save someone this frustration, I’m going to break down the steps, with probably too much detail, but detail I wish I’d had, into a single post.

You are welcome internets.

This is for people who think their contacts are in the cloud or saved to their google account, and find out, actually not. Yes, I even managed to merge my contacts to google and it imported all my contact names, but no numbers actually transferred. The steps below will transfer your phone contacts even if the cloud and google have failed. You can do it manually, by yourself, without downloading any kind of “free” app. It takes both phones, a phone cable with a USB port, a PC computer (I don’t know how to do this in Apple products, though the steps may work, I just can’t make any promises), and an email account.

Step One: Go into your contacts settings on your old devise and click on the import/export option. In S3 Phone App – Contacts- Settings Button- Import/Export option.

Step Two: Once you click on the Import/Export option more will pop up. Click Export to SD Card. The devise should notify you what the file is called or the type of file it is exporting. This is important to be able to find the file again in Step Four.

Step Three: Connect  your old device to your PC with a cable that connects your phone via the USB port. I used my phone to wall charge cable. Connect as a media device. You may have to fiddle with the settings. I already had my settings set to do this because I downloaded pictures in the past. Once your device shows up on your PC as connected (mine popped up a box automatically, but it will also be in your Computer file as a portable device that you can open up), click on link to open device and view files.

Step Four: There will be two options, one for the files to your SC Card and one for the files on your Phone (the hard drive). Double click on the Card file. Once those open, scroll down until you find the file titled something like Windows Live Mail Contact File. This is the file you exported to your SD Card in Step Two.

Step Five: Copy this file to your desktop. You can do this by dragging the file from that folder to the desktop or by right clicking the document, copying, right clicking your desktop, and pasting the file to the desktop.

Step Six: Once there is a copy of the exported file to your desktop, close all open files and disconnect the old devise from your PC.

Step Seven: On your PC open your email application, create an email, upload the file copied onto your desktop in Step Five as an attachment. Send that email to yourself.

Step Eight: On your new device (Samsung Galaxy S5 in my case), open up that email and open up the attachment. Follow the prompts to import your contacts.

This process worked for me and now I have all my old contacts in my new devise! I’m loving my S5, I just wish there was a fix for the Verizon spambot Basic Visual Voice Mail notification. If I find one, or read about one, I’ll update this post.


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