Watching the X-Files of an Evening

As I mentioned in a recent post, Chris and I often spend the evenings watching X-Files and discussing the seven tropes of 90’s television. One evening while watching an episode I had already seen, I got a bit bored. This is what happens when I get bored and have access to Facebook.

Create Your Own Chris caption.

Mine: OMG are Mulder and Scully finally going to kiss?

Chris 1

We watched the episode where Skinner runs around in his tighty-whiteys and bees are carriers for smallpox. This is one of my mother’s favorite episodes. For some reason. <.<_>.> But it caused a few confused moments on our part. 

chris and jami

I asked Chris if I could post the picture below and say, ‘Chris’ second favorite redhead.’

“You could, but it would be a lie.” He said.

“Come on, don’t you have a crush on Scully?” I asked.

“No. She’s too man-ish.”

Hmm, that might explain my crush on her.

chris and scully

A friend commented that Chris must have never seen her Maxim photo shoot. So I did some ogling googling research.

maxim photo shoot

Chris and I both agree, Gillian Anderson does not look mannish in that photo shoot.

P.S. Some of the submissions we got for the Create Your Own Chris Caption.

Michael: Everyone is stupid but me.

Thom: Does Jax really have to take his shirt off…. Again!!?!

Do you have a submission for a caption?

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