Book Review: You and I, Me and You

You and I, Me and You, is the third book in a series my MaryJanice Davidson. You can read my review of the first book and the second book. There will be some slight spoilers of the previous two books, so you are warned.

you and i me and you

Summary from

The final book in Davidson’s laugh-out-loud trilogy featuring an unconventional FBI agent who finds love in the most unexpected places.
Cadence (and her sisters) has moved in with Patrick and everything is more than she could have ever dreamed. Except why does the dreamy Dr. Gallo keep popping up unexpectedly in her fantasies? When her pleasantly steady love life suddenly starts looking pretty darn shaky, Cadence and her sisters find themselves knee-deep in a new case that brings the escaped Threefer Killers back onto the scene. The stakes are higher, the danger more real, the hijinks more hilarious, and the love and passion are more delicious in this final book of an unforgettable trilogy.
Candace has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. Her “sisters” as she calls them, the other personalities that reside in her same body, both help and hinder Candace as she works for a special department of the FBI which reasons that the best way to catch a sociopath is a sociopath. Candace is working with a therapist to co-exist with her personalities so that they are not so much separate identities but facets of one personality. This way the alternative personalities don’t feel threatened and try to take over the main personality and Candace actually starts to heal from the trauma of her childhood. While working through her past family issues and trying to learn how to live with her boyfriend, Candace must also catch a trio of serial killers.
Even a brief description of the plot line reveals that Davidson has a quirky sense of humor. I enjoy how this plays throughout each book and the series. While there is a lot of dark areas of Candace’s past, Davidson deals with those issues with research, sincerity, and humor. While there are some funny moments, Davidson has done her research into personality disorders and shows how they interact with the world in a real way. I also like how the people with personality disorders are getting help from a therapist and a place to work. A lot of fantasy and scifi books and series have people with a lot of issues that never get help for those issues. Here, Davidson uses Candace’s recovery and growth as the driving force in the series arc. Well done I say, well done.
If you like reading strange quirky humorous novels with a science fiction bent, about people with personality disorders catching serial killers than give this series a try.

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