Urban Remains and A Graffiti Portrait

We recently moved and the other day I went for a walk and found a mortuary, automobile repair shop, and art studio all in the same block. It was kind of amazing. I discovered this portrait on the back of the art studio. And I fell in love a little.

A Portrait on a Wall

A jaunt down the side street led to the discovery of a retaining wall and cement steps leading to nowhere. Homes that have been razed and grass now grows taking over the cement steps and sidewalk.


Abandoned Homes

Most interestingly, this row of abandoned houses is led by the most perfect little leave it to beaver house. The last one standing in a field of grass and cement and towering trees. A lone reminder of what once was.

the last one standing

If you want to see some more abandoned places from the safety of your home, check out Forbidden Places: Urban Exploration a website full of photographs from urban explorers.



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