Beautiful Books on Pinterest

Sometimes I go onto Pinterest just to pine over other people’s rooms full of beautiful books, shelves, and reading nooks. It is both soul fulfilling and soul longing to do so, as I want such rooms, shelves, and nooks, and do not have them nor the room for them. Nor do I really want to give up much of my home space to items I will generally use once. What I need is a holiday in such a place where I can sit in the reading nooks for a week or so, by a fire of course, reading to my heart’s content. In the mean time, I stare at these images longingly and pin them to my Beautiful Books board.

A reading alcove

reading alcove

The Floating Bookshop @ Foxton Locks by Marble Giant on Flickr

the floating bookshop

Stairway bookshelves

stairway book shelves

How books work

how books work

One of the best book places to be (check out 29 more)

best book place to be

My own shelves of books (and other media)

my book shelves

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