Throwback Thursday: Happy Stuff Your Face Day

I’m going to recycle an old post and do a throwback Thursday, killing two turkeys with on stone of stuffing. Original post published on 11/27/14.

My family is doing Thanksgiving together. But my sister and I, who are planning the meal, do not like turkey, cranberries, or pumpkin pie. So we decided to serve steak, salad, and brownies. Because that is how we do things around here.

The reason that I loathe turkey is due to the fact one winter my parents were struggling to make ends meet and some people at our local religious organization found out and some Boy Scouts found out and a whole bunch of people found out and gave us turkeys. We had five turkeys in the freezer at one point. We ate turkey every day for months on end. While I’m grateful that there are kind people in the world who make sure the children that they know don’t go hungry, I really can’t stand turkey anymore.

So today as you stuff your face with food, be happy that there is food to stuff in your piehole. And if there is more than turkey and rice or beans and rice or tuna and oatmeal (other things we ate every day because they are cheap and filling and which I can’t stand anymore) on your plate to stuff into your tummy than be extra thankful. There are a lot of people out there who don’t have it as good. If you are tempted to whine about your baby sister getting the last piece of brown meat or the last scoop of green bean casserole or the last edged brownie, remember that the only time you should be concerned with someone else’s plate is to make sure they have enough.

louis c k quote

And if you are thinking about donating to your local food bank, awesome! Just make sure to find out what they really can use, versus what you are trying to get rid of from your own pantry. The best present we got one year was a bag of oranges from my friend’s mom, she found out what we didn’t have and gave us that. Fresh fruit. It was amazing. In that vein of giving what is needed, here is a posting on some good ideas of what to donate to your local food bank.

Happy Stuff Your Face Day!


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