N.Y.E. Party

I don’t throw N.Y.E. parties. I find New Years Eve is usually so built up the let down is to be avoided, so I try to not over sell the holiday and usually do something low key. The best ringing-in-the-new-years parties I’ve been to involved close friends and fun games or working at a pub and being able to make money while partying. But, if I could be the perfect non-anxious party hostess this is what I would do, aka my Pinterest NYE party.

I would make these pinata cookies, but not eat them because I do not like sugar cookies and I think its a horrible way to eat M&Ms, but they sure do look pretty and I bet my perfect guests (who do not get any of the coconut shavings on my kitchen floor) would love them. I would make other food of course, maybe a crock pot of chili and have a vegetable and fruit platter. In my dream world I could expense this because people are paying me to be a perfect host and show them how to party. Because I’m a party animal. Oh yah.

pinata sugar coconut cookies the urbanpocketknife

I would do one set of Countdown Bags with a fun game in them. I would do one set, because who has time for all that shit when you are making colored coconut shavings? I mean seriously. However, games are always a fun idea and putting them in fun party bags is just the icing on the pinata cookie.

New Years Eve Countdown Bags

I would create a photo booth corner. Not sure where exactly. I guess I would take down my table or move things around and cover up part of the mirror/wall in my dining room. Ugh, this is starting to stress me out and it’s a fake party! Anyway, I would also miraculously have the time to not only create the photo booth, but also some photo booth props.

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Photo Booth Props

I would put up streamers, balloons, and bright paper flowers to decorate. I would get them at Michaels and I would plan ahead enough to get them on the cheap with coupons, and possibly make a last minute run to the dollar store to fill out my stash. I would have my friend Adrian fly in from Chicago so he could help me decorate, because he is awesome at it. I would also expense this and it would be glorious. We would both agree none of this gold and black sophisticated crap, we want bright colors to ring in a bright new year.

I love the look of this...the colors, the textures, the patterns, the sign. love it all! :) pinned by Jodi from The Clutter-Free Classroom www.CFClassroom.com:

But this is all a fantasy. I’m sure my new years eve will be more movies and popcorn than chili and pinata cookies, more laid back and relaxing and falling asleep at ten than up until midnight pulling the cord for a room full of balloons. But it sure is fun to plan the perfect party, especially when I don’t even have to think about following through.

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