Nodds &Nends: Amazing Star Wars Mural, X-Files, and a Day in the Life of the Earth

You probably caught this already as it stormed across the internet, but a woman painted a very cool Star Wars mural in her daughter’s room and it is the best thing ever. Plus, if you go into her exorcisingemily deviantart site you can see more fabulous murals she’s painted, you might even catch a glimpse of the Doctor. I follow her on twitter now and she is funny and amazing. [via The Mary Sue]


The X-Files has hit the small screen again this week and my husband and I are trying to get through the last few from the 90s so we can catch up with the rest of the world. In the mean time we are indulging in videos like the one below which lists the top ten episodes of the series. I have to say, they actually picked some good ones to reminisce about. [via WatchMojo]

The below video is short, but stunning. A day in the life of the earth in seconds. I love it! [via io9 and Glittering Blue]

3 thoughts on “Nodds &Nends: Amazing Star Wars Mural, X-Files, and a Day in the Life of the Earth

  1. I don’t see how it can be a success if the X Files revival relies on you knowing a lot (anything?) about the old series. I saw it at the time, never repeated since here, but can remember very little. I know the first few years were good, with standalone stories, but then it got all weird about drawn out plots about his sister and clones and bees and black goo, and then after Moulder left they brought in some other guy (?) before Moulder came back for the end… and there was a baby.

    I hear the reviews were so-so, but not because it was only aimed at people who knew the series inside out. That baby must have grown up by now.

    • Hmmm. I was not sure if the revival was aimed at long time viewers or not. I actually watched them quite a bit, and the rewatch has been fun. Not every episode is amazing, but they are entertaining.

      • I hope it’s not – we get it soon – but I heard a podcast where some nerd fan was listing all the things it HAD to contain, to resolve issues mentioned in episode such-a-such, for things that were supposed to have happened between then and now.

        I think it’s like Buffy. I remember a very good first three years with lots of standalone episodes, before it going really off in the middle with things about army boyfriends and sisters and women in red dresses, then coming good again for the end. At least I think it came good in the end.

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